Logging in to HR Today

Logging in to HR Today

In this lesson, you'll learn about:

1. How to login

2. How to reset your password

How to login

Go to hrtoday.solarworkplace.co.nz, you'll see the login screen (as seen below), enter your Email Address and click the Next button.

From here, enter your Password and click the Login button.

After entering the correct email and password, you're good to go, welcome to the platform!

Reset your password

There are 2 ways to change your account password on the HR Today platform:

1. When logged In
2. Unable to log in

1. Logged In

Change your password via your Profile page

1. From any screen, click the pointing down Arrow next to your name on the right of the upper toolbar of the site. This will open up a menu with a few options.

2. From here, click the My Profile button.

3. Now viewing your profile, click the Settings button and then click the Change Password option within the dropdown.

4. Simply enter your Current Password, New Password, Confirm New Password and click the Change Password button.

All done!

2. Unable to log in?

Change your password via the Login page

1. Go to hrtoday.solarworkplace.co.nz, you'll see the login screen (as seen above), enter your Email Address and click the Next button.

2. Click the Forgot Password? link.

3. Click whether you would like to be sent a temporary password either by Email or SMS

4. Access the relevant associated Email or SMS (as indicated by HR Today) and follow the instructions on resetting your password.

Next time you log in, use the new password.

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