Offboard an employee

Offboard an employee

Learn how to offboard an employee from drafting to the final review.


In this lesson, we'll take you through the offboarding process from start to finish:

1. Offboarding Overview

2. Draft

3. Review

4. Complete

5. Cancelled



Offboarding Overview

The offboarding overview lets you view all in-progress employee offboarding in a simple interface - providing you with quick access to the process Status e.g. Draft, the Employee Name, Termination Date, and the Assignee in charge of the process.

The offboarding process covers 3 key steps with an option to cancel the process.

  1. Draft

  2. Review

  3. Complete

1. Draft

In the draft stage, you can fill in employee details and termination details. At the end of the draft stage, you can choose to either Save & Close the Onboarding, Cancel the Onboarding or Submit the Draft for review.

Employee Details

In the Employee Details section, you can fill in employee details such as department, position, and employment status. This information is...

Termination Details

In the Termination Details section, you can select the date for the termination, an offboarding reason e.g. Resignation, and attach a Termination Letter.

How to attach a termination letter
1) To upload your letter, select the + Add button and follow the steps; naming the letter, uploading the file, and adding any additional comments about the letter.

2) Click the Save & Close button when you are done.

2. Review

The Review stage allows the chance for the hiring manager, CEO, or designated person to review the offboarding draft and approve it.

At the end of the Review stage, the hiring manager can now choose to add an offboarding Task List using the dropdown (as seen below). If a task list is not required for the employee's offboarding, select the Not Required option from the dropdown.

An offboarding task list typically covers these two stages of the process:

  • Starting e.g. Acknowledgement letter, Notice of Resignation

  • Post-Offboarding e.g. Exit interview

3. Complete

Once all stakeholders have approved the employees' offboarding and you have finalised the offboarding tasks and emails within the chosen task list, click the Complete button to finish the offboarding process.

You have successfully offboarded an employee.


During each stage of the process, you have the option to cancel the entire offboarding process.

How to cancel an in-progress offboarding
1) From any stage, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Delete button.

2) A popup will ask you whether you would like to continue with cancelling this offboarding. If yes, click the Confirm button.

Best practice: There is an optional textbox to include the reason for cancelling the onboarding. We recommend providing this as it provides useful context when viewing your previous processes.

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